Lecture “Keeping in mind how to communicate”

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  • Date and time

    2017.10.23 (Mon)

  • Venue

    Middle lecture room of studio type, Educational information center 3F, Hokkaido university.

Imagine you intended to explain something thoroughly, but it didn’t convey to another person. I think everyone has had such experience. The university is an environment where students, staff and teachers communicate every day. Also, the way we talk to the other person in both work and classroom is important. Nonetheless, we are not experts in talking.
Therefore, we invited Yuko KOMORI from Japan Airlines Corporation as a presenter to give a lecture. After working as a cabin crew for a long time, she was in charge of planning and managing various trainings, such as guidance for juniors. Currently, she is working as a citizenship group manager at the division of corporate brand promotion.
We would like to make this lecture an opportunity to learn how to speak to other people from different industries.

2017/10/23 (Monday) 15:30 – 17:00

Hokkaido University Multimedia Education Building, 3rd Floor, Auditorium
(Sapporo, Kita-ku, Kita 17, West 8)

About 100 people related to higher education institutions
(application on first come first served basis)

15:00 Reception starts
15:30 Opening Remarks
15:35 Invited speech. “Keeping in mind how to communicate”
     (Yuko KOMORI, Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.)
17:00 Finish


Registration fee is free, but travel costs are not covered.