ELMS Workshop – Using ELMS in classes 【introductory-level】

This seminar has finished

  • Date and time

    2019.05.24 (Fri)   (15:00-16:00)

  • Venue

    Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, 2nd floor Multimedia Education Room (E212).

  • Lecturer

    Takanori ABE, Specialist, Center for Open Education

  • Target

    All faculty and staff members of Hokkaido University who have an "SSO-ID."

  • Capacity

    Maximum 25 participants. Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Language


  • Remarks

    Participants are requested to bring their own ELMS-ID and password, confirm in advance that the ID can access to ELMS.

ELMS is Hokkaido University’s educational information system for students, faculties, and staff members. It can be used in various situations and places, like classrooms. However, some teacher says that they do not know how to use it.
Therefore, we will hold a workshop on learning and using ELMS from various examples of use, including Moodle. The workshop will be held under the guidance of the staff from Open Education Center, who oversees ELMS operations and management.