Workshop “Make your first syllabus”

This seminar has finished

  • Date and time

    2019.08.16 (Fri)   (13:00-16:00)

  • Venue

    Hokkaido University Multimedia Education Building, 3rd floor, Studio-Type seminar room

  • Lecturer

    Kenichi YAMAMOTO (Associate Professor, IAHE, Hokkaido University)

  • Target

    Those who are belonging to higher education facilities (including graduate-students)

  • Capacity

    40 participants (on a first come first served basis)

  • Language


  • Notes

    Participants should choose one of their syllabuses to take part in this workshop.

  • Poster

    Make your first syllabus Poster

 When you have been asked to be in charge of the class for the first time, a message comes from the university: “Please submit the syllabus during this month”. In that case, how should you make a syllabus? There are many teachers who have little experience writing syllabus. The best way to learn how to create a syllabus, how to design and incorporate a class, is to refer to a manual or a book prepared by the university, or to participate in some training like this workshop.
 Being in charge of a class, you are also responsible for students’ learning. After learn about the three basic elements of course design, that is setting goals/objectives, making evaluation and lesson plans, you can get to know how to create a syllabus, how to design and incorporate a class, through all our practical training.
 This workshop is an introductory course on creating a lesson syllabus for teachers in charge of classes, or who has the plan to take charge of a class in a near future. An advanced course names, “Syllabus brush up training” will be held on December.