Workshop on Intercultural Communication in Educational and Research activities

This seminar has finished

  • Date and time

    2019.08.21 (Wed)   (13:30-15:30)

  • Venue

    Hokkaido University Multimedia Education Building, 3rd floor, Studio-type seminar room

  • Lecturer

    Dr. Mazur Michal (Assistant Professor, IAHE, Hokkaido University)

  • Target

    Those who are belonging to higher education facilities (including graduate students)

  • Capacity

    40 participants (on a first come first served basis)

  • Language


 In the face of globalization of Japanese higher education, it is common to have people with different cultural, religious backgrounds in classrooms. Studying in an international environment opposes many challenges, as everyone must interact with people from different cultures —cooperate in professional and everyday life setting, in the classroom or the laboratory.
 This workshop is intended for faculty members who want to build a better relationship with international peers, want to collaborate more effectively and avoid some common cultural misunderstandings.
 By participating in this workshop, you will acquire some new skills you need to interpret and respond to different communication styles, learn how to be more culturally sensitive and adaptive, how to deal with students’ common problems (cultural shock, etc.) and sensitive issues. It is also a chance to discuss some commonly occurring problems and through group work find some possible solutions.