• ProfessorToshiyuki HOSOKAWA

    Field of studyScience education, Higher Education, Hygiene Studies, Neuroscience

    Hobbies/SkillsBraid (Japanese traditional crafts)

    I am conducting research about higher education and hygiene while taking charge of lectures for undergraduate and graduate students. I am trying my best every day so that I could convey the “significance of education” to the teachers of the next generation.

  • Associate ProfessorKunimasa YAMADA

    Field of studyHigher education

    Hobbies/SkillsLooking for old devices at second-hand shops

    You may be having anxiety about classes or aiming to create better ones. Here in the Center, you can meet faculty and staff with the same intentions. One of the charms of this Center is that you can refine your view of education with “friends” at hand.

  • Specially appointed Associate ProfessorKenichi YAMAMOTO

    Field of studyHigher education development

    Hobbies/SkillsLikes to slowly enjoy good alcohol and food

    Our Center consists of experts who respond to various problems concerning individual classes as well as educational issues related to the whole university. As a person engaged in education, I will stay closely to you and support your efforts.

  • Office staffRie KOBAYASHI

    Hobbies/SkillsWatching baseball (professional and son’s juvenile team)

    I am mainly in charge of PR activities such as website updates and workshop poster production. We offer delicious coffee and sweets at workshops, so please don’t hesitate to join our events!

  • Office staffMiyuki ONODA

    Hobbies/SkillsPlaying tennis for over 10 years

    I help with office work and workshop preparation, and even management on the day. To deliver high quality trainings, our staff must be united. Having such a good teamwork is our strength.

  • Office staffYoko HOKAKU

    Hobbies/SkillsKnobwork (Japanese traditional crafts)

    I can always feel the intense passion of those who participate in our programs while I am engaged in the management of workshops. As the staff, we also do our best to carry the same passion for work.


Center for Teaching and Learning office

Hokkaido University is full of greenery. Our office is located in the center of the campus premises. We are committed to interior design with tables and chairs, and making an open space where more creative ideas are born.

Studio type seminar room

The studio-type seminar room is a dedicated room next to the Center for Teaching and Learning. It is equipped with things that can accommodate not only small group work but also large class seminars, and participants can join workshops that take place in a comfortable active learning spaces.


Hokkaido University Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education, Center for Teaching and Learning

Kita Ku, Sapporo- Shi, Kita 17 Nishi 8-chome, Multimedia Education Building, 3rd Floor

TEL・FAX 011-706-7472