It is a service offered by
the specialist in higher education
development to resolve troubles and give
support to teachers’ class
management and the staff’s
university management.

  • Class consultation

    Regarding troubles of class management, you can explore solutions with experts.We also provide consultant training when introducing class consultation at undergraduate or department units.

  • Curriculum inspection

    We will help you check the consistency of the curriculum, check the effectiveness of the curriculum based on the student’s course pattern and credit acquisition.

  • Inspection and evaluation of internal quality assurance system

    We will build a system that can also be applied well to external evaluations by conducting inspections, giving some advice and comprehensive evaluation to the internal quality assurance system.

We will support you in the optimum period from “short term”, “medium term”, “long term”, “short term” according to the contents of consultation.

  • short term

    • Consultation about
      lesson methods
    • Consultation about
  • medium

    • Multiple lesson
      observations and
  • long term

    • Complex, over
      one term

Consulting examples

We will inform you about the actual consultations received
from faculty members and the solutions we proposed.

  • From the teachers

    Student’s response is low, so I don’t know if the content of the class is well conveyed.

    A short term support

    Listen to the students’ opinions, analyze them, think about improvement measures with other faculty members and have it reflected in the class. The thinking of the teacher and students finally matched, so the student’s response to the class improved.

  • From all departments

    We are using a class questionnaire, but the results cannot be reflected in the next fiscal year.

    Mid-term support

    We handed up our opinion as specialists in the mid-term and encouraged all faculty to think about it. Furthermore, we conducted a questionnaire in the middle of the semester and reflected on the results in the second half of it.

  • From all departments

    I would like to ask experts about how to improve the department’s three policies.

    Mid-term support

    We hold workshops for all teachers where we explain the significance of three policies and how to link them with actual education. In this way, we can do better work revision for the whole department.

  • From the whole university

    I want some advice on improvement points regarding evaluation, received from the educational accreditation institution.

    Long-term support

    We meet with the person in charge of evaluation and advise on improvements. Furthermore, we held training sessions for all faculty and staff where we asked participants to think about future educational improvement activities.