The Hokkaido FDSD Council is a network composed of universities throughout Hokkaido to develop collaborations by sharing information and creating joint programs in relation to faculty development and student development (FDSD) as well as teaching assistant development (TAD). 57 higher education institutes throughout Hokkaido are currently affiliated with the council.

Organizational Structure

The council was established to achieve educational goals set by universities, junior colleges, and technical colleges and to promote faculty development within Hokkaido Prefecture.

Kansai Network,Shikoku Network,Other NetworksKansai Network,Shikoku Network,Other Networks
National Universities,Private Universities,Vocational Schools,Technical Colleges,Public Universities
Affiliated Organizations  Hokkaido University FD Research Society,University FD Committees,Hokkaido Consortiums,Academic SocietiesAffiliated Organizations  Hokkaido University FD Research Society,University FD Committees,Hokkaido Consortiums,Academic Societies
  1. Exchange information to advance and promote FDSD and TAD
  2. Collaborate on the implementation and development of FDSD and TAD programs
  3. Train personnel in charge of FDSD and TAD activities
  4. Plan development courses for faculty and students
    who qualify for the council
  5. Other necessary activities related to FDSD and TAD

Improve faculty capabilities

Improve university education capabilities

Ensure the high potential and motivation of students

How to join

The Hokkaido FDSD Council would like to invite anyone interested to join this opportune network in supporting our efforts. More information can be found below.


Affiliated institutions are able to take part in events and activities (e.g., working groups) hosted by the Hokkaido FDSD Council and participate in events offered by other affiliated institutions. If you would like to join the Hokkaido FDSD Council on an institutional basis, please read the rules and regulations, download and fill out the Council Application Form below, and mail, fax or email it to the Hokkaido FDSD Council Administrative Office. If you are not contacted within two weeks of sending us your application, please contact the Administrative Office.

Council Application Form (affiliated institutions)

Contact information

General Affairs, Educational Affairs and Planning Division, Department of Educational Affairs,
Hokkaido University

Kita 17, Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, 060-0817
Tel 011-706-5567 Fax 011-706-7854


Privacy Policy

When contacting the Hokkaido FDSD Council, we may ask you to share some personal information with us. The information provided will be handled appropriately in compliance with the law and based on our policy below.

Collection of Personal Information

Upon contacting us, your email address and other information may be collected as necessary by the Hokkaido FDSD Council Administrative Office. At such time, the objectives for collection will be clearly presented and based on the intention of the provider. However, information either disclosed by the provider or has already been made public is not subject to management. Collected personal information will not be disclosed to anyone.

Handling of Personal Information

Personal information will be handled for the following purposes:

  • Identity confirmation; to provide services and information; to change, suspend, or discontinue notifications
  • To provide important information regarding Hokkaido FDSD Council management, including notices for general meetings and communication with affiliated institutions
  • In addition, your information may also be used to investigate how the Hokkaido FDSD Council can provide improved services and information


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