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Practical English conversation
(Business English conversation)

Date and time
2022.09.06 (Tue) - 2022.09.16 (Fri) 13:00-18:30
Hokkaido University Multimedia Education Building, 3rd floor, Studio-type seminar room
Face to Face

Ms. Tomomi Ota (Academic Researcher, Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), IAGE, Hokkaido University)

Faculty and staff members who belong to higher education facilities (including part-time lecturers and staffs).
Each training accepts maximum 30 participants.

Organized by: Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), IAGE, Hokkaido University

Have you ever encountered an international student who can only communicate in English, or received a phone call from a faculty member who must conduct all of their procedures in English? Such occurrences are unavoidable, regardless of which department you are transferred to. In these situations, you would prefer to be able to communicate in simple English yourself, rather than relying on someone who can speak English and having to ask, “XX-san, please take care of this for me.”

Therefore, we offer practical/business English conversation training to both faculty and staff members (at beginner level). The purpose of this training is to help re-familiarize yourself with spoken English, recalling words and expressions you have already learned as students, and to be able to speak confidently in situations where you have to perform your duties in English.

(1)Sep. 6(Tue.) Expressions of the request (I want~)
 13:00〜14:00Please speak slower, thank you. Please write it down.Learn how to tell the other party to wait with cushion words?

(2)Sep. 8(Thu.)Review and Expressions of denial
17:30〜18:30It is difficult for us toverb., Please don’t verb. etc.It is OK to use the word “We” (the university, the faculty)as the subject.

(3)Sep.9(Fri.)Expression on the proposal.
13:00〜14:00You (It) should / must / have toverb. etc.

(4)Sep.12(Mon.)Review and Expression concerning confirmation of content and mutualunderstanding etc.
 17:30〜18:30So you mean, Is this OK with you to verb.? etc.

(5)Sep. 14(Wed.)Comparative expression
 13:00〜14:00It is better toverb. It was more convenient for you toverb. etc.

(6)Sep. 16(Fri.)Expression that presents conditions, such as,
 17:30〜18:30If it is  / If not ., etc.

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