The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is committed to supporting and facilitating effective teaching and learning in higher education. We aim to create an environment where all perspectives, experiences, and contributions are valued and where instructors and learners can engage and learn through open and multi-sided dialogue. We promote and implement inclusive, evidence-based equity strategies, recognize the assets that all learners bring to the classroom, and with humility continue to learn about the various identities of the people we engage.


The Center consists of four divisions, FD (Faculty Development), SD (Staff Development), LS (Learning Support) and DX(Digital Transformation), which are responsible for planning and implementing FD and SD in an integrated mananer for the entire university. The Center provides various training programs and consultations by experts and supports the efforts of each department in addressing the issue of education quality assurance from various perspectives.

We have been certified by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology(MEXT), as a “Joint Usage Center for Systematic Training of Teachers and Staff”. Therefore, some of our trainings are offered to faculty and staff from other educational institutions regarding higher education.


We offer practical training programs in six categories, such as Course Design, Teaching Skills, Trends in HE, Student Support, Management, and Communication, as well as online courses and workshops. We also provide various educational consulting services, such as classroom and curriculum evaluation, and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) assessment with short-, medium-, and long-term perspectives. We can arrange for qualified instructors to deliver training sessions.

Program Categories

Previously Held Training

Developing Intercultural Communication Competencies in Education
Project Management Skills for Degree Completion
Teaching in English: Overcoming Challenges and Promoting Effecti ve Learning
HE trends
“Navigating the Next Wave: Preparing for the Future of Education”
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