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Anger Management to Prevent Power Harassment

Date and time
2024/03/26(Tue.) 16:00-17:00
Zoom Webinar

(Counselor, Japan Anger Management Association)

Participants from higher education facilities (incl. graduate students)
300 applicants
(on a first-come, first-served basis)
Webinar will open at 15:50
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 When was the last time you felt frustrated? How intense was that irritation? Anger is an emotion that everyone possesses, but working while feeling irritable does not lead to a positive outcome. Have you ever regretted taking out your anger on students, colleagues, faculty members, or inanimate objects? If you cannot control your feelings of anger, there is a chance it could ultimately lead to harassment.
 Therefore, on this occasion, we have invited Ms. Masako Kawasaki, an advisor from the Japan Anger Management Association, to give a lecture on the basics of anger management. Despite the busy end-of-fiscal-year period, we look forward to the participation of many faculty members and graduate students.


 Humans are often referred to as "emotional beings," and "anger" can lead to unnecessary friction and conflicts both inside and outside organizations. Intentions to provide guidance can sometimes be perceived as harassment, or individuals may try to suppress their anger to avoid being perceived as engaging in harassment, leading to increased frustration.
 Learn and utilize psychological training for effectively dealing with anger through "anger management" to prevent harassment and build healthy relationships.

Profile Ms. Masako KAWASAKI

Management Consultant
Counselor, Japan Anger Management Association
 As a founding member of a venture company in Tokyo, she was involved in its launch and subsequently gained experience in rapid growth and listing on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange before becoming independent. Through interviews and consulting with over 5,000 business owners, she became convinced that managing emotions is the key to success. She provides training and consultation on anger management, motivation management, and other related topics.

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