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“Sharing Strategies for Enhancing PBL Courses”  

Date and time
2024.6.13 (Thu) 16:00-18:00
(Reception starts at 15:40)
Hokkaido University Multimedia Education Building, 3rd floor, Studio-type seminar room
Face to Face

Dr. Kenichi YAMAMOTO (Associate Professor, IAGE, Hokkaido University)

30 applicants belonging to higher education institutions (including graduate students; on first come first served basis)
Category B: Pedagogy
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 PBL (Project Based Learning/Problem Based Learning) classes, where students develop cooperation, discussion/presentation skills, and problem-solving abilities through group activities, are being conducted in many universities. While PBL classes showcase proactive student involvement and facilitate noticeable student growth, they also present more challenges for instructors. Some may face challenges specific to group activities. These challenges may include dividing students into those who are actively engaged and those who are not, as well as difficulties in assessing contributions from different students. It also may include variations in the quality of assignments across different academic years.
 This workshop provides an opportunity for instructors to share practical experiences and those enthusiastic about PBL classes to share their experiences, aiming to improve their teaching practices. Whether you're facing challenges with PBL classes or seeking tips to enhance them further, we look forward to your participation.

※ Please note that photographs will be taken during the session for use in publicity activities and other promotional materials.
※ This seminar is also scheduled to be held in November.

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