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Teaching in English: Foundations for Global Educators

Date and time
2024.6.14 (Fri) 15:00-17:00
(Reception starts at 14:40)
Hokkaido University Multimedia Education Building, 3rd floor, Studio-type seminar room
Face to Face

Dr. Michal Mazur (Assistant Professor, IAGE, Hokkaido University)

30 applicants belonging to higher education institutions (including graduate students; on first come first served basis)
Category B: Pedagogy
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 As global educational landscapes evolve, the demand for English instruction continues to rise, accommodating an increasing number of international students. However, transitioning from local languages to English in multicultural classrooms presents unique challenges. Simply translating is insufficient for effective communication and may limit student engagement and motivation.
 This seminar is designed to address these challenges by providing participants with practical strategies and insights into different aspects of English instruction through collaborative learning. This hands-on approach aims to build confidence, reduce teaching anxiety, and lay the groundwork for successful teaching in English. While primarily aimed at educators new to teaching in English, this seminar offers valuable insights for experienced teachers looking to brush up on their skills.
 Join us to become part of a dynamic learning community ready to tackle the complexities of teaching English within diverse educational settings.
※This is an introductory level. We also plan to hold a second-level workshop in November.

※ Please note that photographs will be taken during the session for use in publicity activities and other promotional materials.

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