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Project Management Skills in Academia

Date and time
2024/5/25 (Sat)  13:00– 18:00
(Reception starts at 12:40)
Hokkaido University Multimedia Education Building, 3rd floor, Studio-type seminar room
Face to Face

Mr. King To Chu (PMI Certified Lecturer)

20 applicants belonging to higher education institutions (on first come first served basis)
Category E: Management
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Co-organized by Nitobe College & Center for Teaching and Learning, IAGE, Hokkaido University

In this Faculty Development Seminar, participants will study Project Management (PM) and its application to educational and research activities using PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). PMBOK is a systematic compilation of knowledge and skills related to PM and is currently being adopted worldwide as a global standard for PM.

In doing so, participants will be able to more adequately plan logistics for their various projects, formulate more accurate timeframes for project completion, and better facilitate interactions in team projects.

Furthermore, these PM skills are also highly effective for projects that are carried out alone or with a small number of people and for medium—to long-term business execution. They are useful skills for all faculty and staff, regardless of the size of the project involved. We welcome the participation of many people.

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