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Challenges and New Stages
in Research Ethics Management

Date and time
2023.12.12 (Tue) - 2024.01.16 (Tue) 15:30-16:40
Zoom Webinar

Prof. Takashi HATA (Professor Emeritus at Hiroshima University and Tohoku University)

Faculty and staff of higher education institutions
100 applicants (on a first-come, first-served basis)
It is fine to participate either of the sessions.
Webinar will open at 15:10
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Organized by: Center for Teaching and Learning、 IAGE、 Hokkaido University

  Research integrity is of paramount importance; any form of irregularity can cause significant public concern and negatively influence the reputation of the entire university. Considering this, research organizations are increasingly focused on implementing measures to prevent academic fraud. To address these concerns, we have invited Prof. Takashi HATA, who conducts research on research ethics, to deliver a two-part lecture series on the subject.
  The first lecture will cover trends in research misconduct, exploring the underlying causes and the strategies for its prevention. Meanwhile, the second one will examine student misconduct issues, new risks posed by generative AI and predatory journals, and the prospective challenges they present for managing research ethics.
  The lectures are primarily aimed at mid-career to experienced faculty and staff members who may be involved in university administration in the future. We look forward to welcoming many participants.

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